Bonga rainforest

What can I tell you about less popular places in Ethiopia?

 Can you imagine there is also rainforest in the hot and dry Ethiopia?
So here it is – Bonga rainforest. That is located in the south – west of the country and the region is also famous for its coffee plantations.
      A trip to Kaffa is a trip in a largely unspoiled countryside featuring fantastic scenery and plant life. The area is rarely visited and mostly undiscovered by tourism. A drive to Kaffa with Adventures in Ethiopia will bring you into the incredible landscape and climatic diversity of Ethiopia, in the jungle and rainforest.
     The largest coffee plantation in the country is in Bebeka near Mizan Teferi. Another plantation is found in neighbouring Tepi but in Wushwush the tea is grown widely.
     The Bonga rainforest of approximately 500km² covers the surrounding hills and hides a real wealth of natural treasures: wild coffee and cardamom, wild pepper flourish here, and bee keepers get honey here. Hot springs bubble up from the ground and waterfalls pour over steep cliffs, giant eucalyptus trees grow in the forests. Here you can meet countless monkeys and other wild animals and many until now undocumented birds await discovery.

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