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Traveling in emergencies and other unusual situations.

    You will say – in an emergency you don’t have to travel anywhere, sit at home and wait for better times! That isn’t about adventures to Ethiopia!

    Someone can agree. This is a very sensible and considered decision. But … not for me. If I want something, then I want it now and immediately.

    No, no don’t think – I’m not reckless or otherwise crazy. I just need a little Adrenaline sometimes and I really like Adventures. Thoughtful and the low risk Adventure. Usually I have a plan A and plan B (if anything fails).

    And so, yes – I gathered all the necessary information from people I know very well and also whom I know less. Not only from Ethiopians, but also from Europeans working there. I analyze and evaluate everything. Several times (however, I am an experienced woman, not like a crazy, young girl). And then I find a couple of like-minded people. Then I have someone to discuss the use of Plan B if necessary, if Plan A fails, and let’s go J . However, several heads are smarter than my one.

    This time we did everything perfectly! Well – true though, we had an extra check at the airport (where I was deprived of binoculars so I didn’t see what I didn’t need to see), then there were multiple checkpoints every day (but don’t worry, the contents of my backpack aren’t always unloaded on the road). And never tell anyone that you are a journalist or that you are keeping a Kalashnikov under the car seat. In fact, I don’t have a weapon (although I can shoot brilliantly) and I’m nowhere near a journalist.

    We were one successful and happy group of three white, fun women (let me remind you – with life experience J ). All possible problems (as far as could be foreseen) gave us a bend. Positive attitude, good friends, an experienced jeep driver and a knowledgeable guide, that’s all you need to travel. Under any circumstances. Time in a good company runs incredibly fast. I know – I’ll be looking for the next Adventure soon.

Life must be lived with taste!

The children longed to meet the travelers / wanderer 🙂 More pic:

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