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If you are reading this post, you are interesting about Ethiopia. And you are on the right way – you should to see the historical places of Northern Ethiopia.

Adventures in Ethiopia will tell you what do you can visit there

13th century Debre Libanos Monastery

(founded in the 13th century by priest Tekla Haimanot ) and 17th century Portuguese bridge, you will cross the Blue Nile gorge, which is comparable in scale to American’s Grand Canyon, cited to be the largest canyon in Africa.

  • Fang waterfall (about 15 m hight)
  • and Zengena lake (The diameter of the lake is roughly 1 km, with a maximum depth of 166 m, it is the second deepest lake in Ethiopia after Lake Shala) 
  • Den Akwashita lava tunnel
  •  lake Tirba (about 153 m deep)

Bahir Dar

  • Lake Tana, and its medieval period Island monasteries such as; Entos, Kibran Gabriel, Ura Kidan Mehiret, Azwa Mariam and Debre Mariam) and about 35 kilometers away from Bahir Dar there is the
  •  Blue Nile Falls (known locally as Tis- Isat Falls, 400 meters wide, when in flood, and dropping over a sheer chasm more than 45 meters deep), 
  • Dengay Debalo Maryam rock-hewn church
  • Community Awra Amba,
  • Guzara Castle Though there’s little solid evidence about its history, this tall castle peering out over Lake Tana could have been built in the 1580s by Emperor Za-Dengel, founder of the Gonder dynasty, and thus would have been the prototype of Gonderian design. Or it may have been built later by Emperor Fasiladas. The attractive ruins are fun to explore.


17th century Fassilades Castle and bath (the bath is filled with water for the important Timkat (epiphany) ceremony once a year), at Debre Berhan – Selassie church (Trinity at the Mount of Light) and the Quskam complex.

Simien Mountains National Park 

 mountains were formed 75 million year ago – Debarq, Sankaber, Cheenek, Geech Campsite, Simien Lodge, and Ras Dahsen Mountain (Ras Dejen is the highest mountain in Ethiopia and tenth highest mountain of Africa,it’s an elevation of 4.550 m above the sea level)

    A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Simien Mountains are often called God’s playground because of their unique formations.  There are treks available into the national park where you can find a unique endemic animals and breath taking landscapes.


 Axum is a UNESCO World Heritage site – one of 9 in Ethiopia, which currently has the most of any African country.
It’s also a beautiful, safe, small town, which has a genuine living culture to it that is highly visible everywhere.
Axum is also a very holy town and a sort-of mecca to Christian Orthodox Ethiopians.

St. Mary of Zion church (built until 4th century), Axum stelas, Queen of Sheba Palace and Swimming pool, also Tombs of King Kalbe and Gebre Meskel (dating to 6th century)

Temple of Yeha and Debre Damo Monastery

only accessible for men – this monastery is built on the flat- topped mountain Imba Table. The monastery is only accessible by climbing a rope which hangs down from a perpendicular rock, an adventure in itself!

The rock-hewn churches of Tigray (between Mekele and Hawzien)

some of the most beautiful medieval churches on impressive viewpoints such as: Abuna Yemata Guh, Debre Maryam Korkor or Abreha WeAtsheba church.

Gheralta region of Tigray has more then 120 rock-hewn churches, each with its own unique ancient murals and relics. You don’t have to be a person of faith to be moved by the way a culture has preserved its history and heritage. Most of the churches were carved deep into the rock to protect them, as well as their history, from invaders.

What should be remembered is that rock-hewn churches are primarily active sites of worship and not tourist attractions; this is what sets them apart from other man made wonders.

The rock-hewn churches of Lalibela 

Bet Medane Alem, Bet Mariam, Bet Denagel, Bet Meskele, Bet Merkoriso, Bet Gabriel, Bet Abba Libanos, Bet Ammunel and Bet Giorgis ; the eleven rock-hewn monolithic (carved from a single rock) churches of Lalibela (UNESCO World heritage site, with magnificent architecture and paintings inside the churches), this is a city designed and built to be the 2nd Jerusalem, many Ethiopians from the city still claim that fact. And Adventures in Ethiopia will be happy to take you to the historical churches around Lalibela – the Hill Church of Asheton Mariam (on the back of a mule or on foot), Yimerhane Kirsotos, Nakute LeAb or Genete Maryam.

Hayk Estifanos Monastery 

 45 Km before Kombolcha, famous for its variety of bird life near the town of Hayk

Mulu eco Lodge 

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