Don’t worry if you are more then 55. It’s time for you to explore and enjoy one of the must interesting country of Africa.

Traveling will be easy as possible as it by a minivan. In a small group with people like you slow and relaxing trip to the historical part of Ethiopia.

Adventures in Ethiopia will take care about each your step.

1-st day

Early in the morning you start your trip to the North of Ethiopia about 150 km. On the way you will visit Derba waterfall and gorge. After enjoying the beautiful views at Derba, you are on your way to Debre Lebanos monastery. There you will visit the biggest monastery in Ethiopia, see a holy water spring inside a cave that’s an important pilgrimage site .

Next, a short walk will lead you to the often-called Portuguese Bridge, which was built around the turn of the 20th century. The bridge spans the small Gur River which, just a few meters farther, pours into a 600m high waterfall down into the canyon.

In the late afternoon, you will be driven to your hotel.

The second day

After a breakfast you will continue your trip to Debre Markos. After driving about 100 km you will reach the Blue Nile gorge and bridge. A small walk across the bridge there is.

You are continuing your journey and on the way get acquainted with the roadside outlets and the daily live of local people. Enjoy your trip leisurely.

Overnight at Debre Markos.

3-td day

Today you will drive to Bahir Dar –  the current capital of the Amhara Regional State in Ethiopia. But, before we will reach this city what is known for its wide avenues lined with palm trees and a variety of colorful flowers, we visit few wonderfulls places. After some hours you will reach Zengena crater lake – the diameter of the lake is roughly 1 km and a maximum depth of 166 m, it is the second deepest lake in Ethiopia after Lake Shala. After visiting the lake surroundings, you will go together with the lockal guide to the Den Aquwashta caves and waterfalls.

Overnight at Bahir Dar hotel.

4-th day

Early at the morning you will drive to Tissisat to visit Blue Nile waterfall and an old Portuguese bridge.

After lunch short boat trip to monasteries of lake Tana.

Overnight at Bahir Dar.

5-th day

Your way take you to Awra Amba what is located in the rural region of Amhara in northwestern Ethiopia, and is founded on a code of egalitarian principles. The community of 500 has universal education, complete gender equality, and elder care — a trifecta that even the most wealthy Western countries are struggling to achieve. What has made them unpopular with their neighbors, however, is that there is no organized religion… You will see this different way of life and spend the night in their community.

6-7 -th day

After local breakfast you will continue your trip to Gondar.

This 2 days you will visit a loto f places in Gonder –

  • Gondar Castle, dubbed the Ethiopian Camelot, is not a single castle, but instead is the name given to the entire complex of castles and palaces in the area.
  • Fasilides Castle. Built in 1640 as the home of King Fasilides.
  • Iyasu Palace. This was the home of Iyasu I, the son of Yohannes I.
  • Mentewab’s Palace (Kusquam). 3 km west from the center.
  • Fasilides Bath. Separate from the castle, it once served as the bath for King Fasilides. Today it is used as a baptismal during Timket
  • Debre Birhan Selassie Church. A short way out of town, it seems more like a fortress than a church at first glance. This is because the local churches were once vulnerable to attacks by the Sudanese. There are twelve towers guarding this church, each representing one of the twelve apostles. A church was built at this location at the end of the 17th century and destroyed. The church you can see now, dates from the 1880s. It is worth a visit to see its amazing ceiling with intricately painted angels. There are also other religious images on the walls. Churches like this were once quite common in the area, but this is the only church to survive the Sudanese attacks, making it even more of a treasure.

Overnight at Gondar.

8-th day

Early morning drive to Debark and short trekking at the Simien National Park.

Overnight Debark.

9-th day

After breakfast you will continue your journey To Axum.

Overnight Axum

10-th day

Full day visiting Axum –

  • One of the most well-known places in Axum is the large Stelae park.
  • New Church of St. Mary of Zion – Quite a large and lovely church actually and rather new in construction. There is a place for women to also pray (as the nearby monastery is off limits to women). The Church has quite a few beautiful paintings and also some older manuscripts and beautiful books and artwork. There is also a Church Museum nearby with several church treasures as well as outfits and other local goods.
  • Ark of the Covenant Chapel – the chapel is the supposed house of the Ark of the Covenant that was said to have been brought to Ethiopia by Solomon’s son.
  • Queen of Sheba Palace – The Queen of Sheba is central to much of the mythology surrounding the history of Ethiopia so it is no surprise that there are places linked to the Queen here in Ethiopia.
  • Queen of Sheba Bath

Overnight Axum.

11-th day

Full day driving to Mekele. On the way you will meet local people, enjoy the breathtaken landscape.

Overnight Mekele.

12-th day

Full day driving to Ahmad Ela campsite. At the late evening you will enjoy the sunset on the salt lake.

Overnight at campsite.

13-th day

Visitng Dallol and salt mines. You will see camel caravanes.

Overnight Abala.

14-th day

Full day driving to Cambolcha. On the way you will see local people daily life and beautiful landscape

Overnight at Combolcha.

15- th day

Full day driving to Addis Ababa, On the way – Menelik’s window, Debre Berhan waterfall …

After lunch you will be at Addis Abeba.

At the evening after dinner at Ethno-Music restaurant the transfer to the airport.