Sof Omar cave

Let’s go to explore the caves of Ethiopia!

What do you know about caves in Ethiopia?

Sof Omar cave

Out of all the countless times I have been in Ethiopia, I have been looking for adventures in caves 3 times.

I don’t recommend doing this without a knowledgeable guide and security guard, if you do not want the adventure to become extreme.

So! We all know that there are one of the largest and most beautiful caves in Africa – Sof Omar Caves.

The Sof Omar Cave System, a spectacular and extensive cave system in southeastern Ethiopia represents a maze of dry cave passages, which subsequently were crossed by a subterranean watercourse formed by the Weib River, forming combined underground passages of a total length of 15.1 km, the longest and most extensive in Ethiopia.  The caves form part of the cultural and religious life of the local population leading to the unique harmony between nature and culture.

The second most popular caves are:

The Porc-Epic Cave is located approximately 3 km South of Dire Dawa. Discovered in 1929. The cave contains fossils and stone age artificac.

In addition to these caves, there are countless little-studied caves and their systems in Ethiopia in the Wolayta area. For example on the western flanks of Mt. Damota there is the Mochena Borago is rockshelter which is an arheological site.

In the Eastern part of Ethiopia you can find plently beautiful caves to visit:

  • Achare, Aynage and Baro caves: these caves are at the distance of about  6 kilometers from the town of Machara. Both Achare and Aynage caves were identified as the second biggest caves in Ethiopia after the Sof Omar cave. These caves have a complex network of passages with two entrances. These caves are attractive for researchers and adventurers. Baro cave, which was discovered in 2009, is also the cave that needs further and deeper exploration.
  • Laga Oda cave, with its pre- historic paintings, is found at a short distance from the Dire-Dawa city.
  • Dima cave: this cave is about 26 km from Badano town. It has seven wide entrances, three wide rooms with the height of 8-10 meters accommodating more than 30 people at a time. Speleologists say that the cave has a length of one kilometer or even more. Different colored melting rock segments of stalactite and stalagmite hanged on the roof of the cave make the Dima Cave an interesting destination place for researchers and visitors.
  • Oromo cave: this incredible underground village-like cave is about 95kms from the Harar city. The speleologists have given the name “the Gursum Pearl” to the cave, which make the cave a chosen place for the archeologists and paleoanthropologists.

On the North from Addis there is Choke mountain with his Molalit cave.

So, that is a small part of treasures of Ethiopia. You can come and explore more by yourself.

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