The  hottest adventure trip through Danakil.

Adventures in Ethiopia will take you to the hottest and most interesting place of the World unless you like a heat and surprises 

Danakil Desert

 the Afar tribe home. The Afar people boast a history of 2000 years. They have traded salt with the Ethiopian highlanders since the early axumite period.


 on Monday there is a very colourful market. It is the largest cattle and camel market in Ethiopia where Amhara, Oromo and Afar people meet each other. It might also be your first meeting with the tall, proud Afar men with their afro-hairstyle and cotton toga’s and with a gun on their shoulder.

Dallol and unique Salt mountains 

 the breathtaking shaped shimmering white, green and yellow colored salt formations form a sharp contrast with the empty landscape. Hot steaming water is bubbling up from the earth on many places. You get the feeling of being on another Planet.

Gaet’ale Pond 

 is a small hypersaline lake located near the Dallol crater. It is placed over a hot spring of tectonic origin and has no apparent inlet or outlet streams. The water (50–55 °C) of Gaet’ale Pond has a salinity of 43%, making it the saltiest water body on Earth. Bubbles of odourless gas are emitted from the lake surface. It is likely volcanically produced CO2

Lake Karum (also known as Lake Assale)

 one of two salt lakes in the northern end of the Danakil Depression, it lies at −120 m relative to sea level

Danakil depression salt lake (at – 100 m.b.s.l.)

  it is also known as Lake Giulietti, one of the lakes of the Danakil Depression. Because of the pictureqsue landscape, it is interesting to visit the salt flats where the Afar people obtain the salt by evaporating the water of the lake.

Erta Ale volcano 

 Erta Ale is one of the few volcanoes on the world that have an almost persistent lava lake. It is an isolated basaltic shield volcano, 50 km wide, rising more than 600 m from below sea level in the barren Danakil depression.

Shiket waterfall 

 near the village of Abala there is a scenic waterfall and beautiful river valley. It’s take about an hour for walk.

Allalobed geysers and hot springs 

 surprisingly little known is the beautiful geothermal area south from Tendaho and Dubti. This area is named Allalobad – “the waters of Allah”, but often is named at the nearby villages names – Tendaho or Dubti. One of the hot water pools here acts as a nearly constant geyser – Allallobeda Spouter, which often is 6 m tall but in rare cases – even 30 m tall. Surface of the water in this pool is 97°C hot.

Further to the nort-west there are remnants of an earlier, extinct geothermal field.

Our video about this place here.

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