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Adventures in Ethiopia is ready to help you to plan your trip and to take you to any place you choose to visit. Ethiopia has an ancient history, rich culture and unique religion. You must see that!

Central Ethiopia tours can include following destinations.

National Museum

 it is primarily a photographic museum depicting –

  • the historical,
  • political,
  • economic
  • and social progress of the city since its foundation.

The Ethnological museum

 consists of five sections –

  • Ethnological or Material Culture,
  • Art Gallery,
  • Ethno-Musicological, Philatelic,
  • and Coins and Bank Notes collections.

Information about culture, dressing style, traditional practices of over 80 ethnic groups and collection of traditional musical instruments can be found in this museum.

Trinity Cathedral Church

 This massive and ornate cathedral is the second-most important place of worship in Ethiopia (ranking behind the Old Church of St Mary of Zion in Aksum). It’s also the celebrated final resting place of Emperor Haile Selassie and his wife Empress Menen Asfaw. Their massive Aksumite-style granite tombs sit inside and are a sight indeed. The solemnity of the interior design contrasts sharply with highly the charged emotions of many pilgrims. It’s a fascinating place.

Entoto Mountains -to visit Emperor Menelik II Palace, St. Mary Church and St. Mary Museum.

It is a historical place where Emperor Menelik II resided and built his palace, when he came from Ankober and founded Addis Ababa. It is considered a sacred mountain.
The mountain is densely covered by eucalyptus trees that were imported from Australia during the reign of Menelik II, and mostly planted during Emperor Haile Selassie’s reign. Thus, it is sometimes referred to as the “lung of Addis Ababa”.


The biggest open market in Africa is in Addis Ababa and is called “Merkato”

Washa Mikael Rock Hewn Church

Located in the Yeka District of Addis Ababa

Similar to the some of the churches of Lalibela, Washa Mikael is a rock-hewn semi-monolithic church. The church suffered damages during the heavy bombing campaigns of the Italians during the second Italo-Ethiopian War. The original church stood 7 meters tall and had 7 windows which represented the 7 heavens, 7 days and 7 angels.

Addis Ababa Medhane Alem Cathedral ortodox religion

Medhane-Alem Cathedral

 whose name means “Saviour of the World”, is an Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo cathedral Addis Ababa. It is the second largest cathedral in the whole of Africa and the largest in Ethiopia.

The splendid architecture of this cathedral includes symmetrical columns and a number of captivating mosaic art pieces. Be sure to pay a visit to this peaceful center.

Addis Ababa Ethiopia Unity park

Unity park

October 10, 2019 — Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed along with East African leaders inaugurated what is called “Unity Park” built on the premises the Grand National Palace.
All but historical buildings have been renovated and in the territory is build 600m long meter walking lane where visitors can oversee the city of Addis Ababa.
The park hosts pavilions representing the nine regional states of Ethiopia and demonstrations Ethiopian wild lives, indigenous plants and various squares among others.

Ethiopia Botanical Garden Gullele

Gullele Botanical Garden

is the first of its kind located in Addis Ababa.
Officially inaugurated and opened to the public in January 2019, it has become increasingly popular among the city’s residents and tourists.
This is the first well-established site of its kind in Ethiopia that covers both forest and semi-forest vegetation.


The Asni gallery/St. George Interior Decoration & Art Gallery ,  Makush Gallery, Goshu art Gallery and Addis Art Studio

150 km west of Addis is the village of Wonchi, where you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the crater Wonchi.

Walking, horse riding, boat trip to the island monastery, a valley with Dawala hot springs and waterfall, an old watermills and forest with endemic animals, and camping.

Ethiopia Adama Sodare SPA hot springs

Sodere spa

– absolutely amazing place, known for its natural hot springs alongside the slow Awash River. There are two swimming pools filled with warm water. The large one is open at weekend, the medium sized one mid week. This is to enable them to be refilled weekly with the beautiful thermally heated water. The large pool has no shallow end, but does have a small non-swimmers area at the side.
You can try to find the huge water fall of Awash River up in the mountainsover there. Or ask the villagers to take you there.

110 kms north from Addis Ababa – there is the Debre Libanos Monastery (founded in the 13th century by priest Tekla Haimanot). The Monastery owns ecclesiastical, cultural and historical relics, and boasts rare grove of trees which have disappeared from elsewhere in the region. Portuguese Bridge – the 16th century bridge still in use today.

UNESCO World Heritage Site  – the mysterious Tiya Stelae Field

 located 88km south of Addis Ababa, comprises 36 megaliths erected to mark mass graves of young males and females, possibly soldiers, who were laid to rest in a fetal position.

Menagesha Suba Forest Park

forest near the city where you will enjoy different species of mammals and birds. A dozen trails (up to 9km in length) meander through the forest, with one even heading above the tree line to Mt Wuchacha’s 3380m summit. On the crater’s western slopes, some of the giant juniper and wanza (Cordia africana) trees are said to be over 400 years old.

Adadi Maryam

 (68km south of Addis Ababa), Ethiopia’s Southern most functional rock-hewn church, a lovely subterranean semi-monolith attributed by legend to King Lalibela at 13th century.  Adadi Maryam is easily visited en route to Tiya, along with the Melka Kunture Prehistoric Site, where  museum documents  many important fossils and Stone Age artefacts uncovered there.

Durba waterfall-Ethiopia-landscape-beauty

Muger Valley and Durba waterfalls 

 September and October are months where both Durba Village and Muger gorge at its best. It is when the water is high and the village is beautifully covered by yellow Meskel flowers. While the waterfall carries a low volume of water, it makes a vivid droplet of about 100 m in to the side gorge.

5 day Tour to Awash Park (on the way, you will visit Lake Basaka) – to see the Awash waterfalls and wild life. Sodore – for swimming in the hot spring water filled pool. Lake Langano (on the way you will make a stop on Awash River and Lake Ziway to visit aquatic birds) – relaxing and swimming at the lake and exploring the surrounding forest in Bishagari lodge. Horse riding and birdwatching at Debrie Ziet (or Bishoftu). Situated at the top of the mountain, the lake Zuqualla and  Zuqualla Monastery are surrounded by beautiful woods and considered to be holy. Take in the birds, plant life and scenery as you make a drive around the Debre Zeit Crater Lake region.

    Whatever your idea of adventure, Adventures in Ethiopia is sure to have something to excite your imagination!

You have to choose what you want to experience and we will make a plan for your “adventure trip” through Ethiopia – these can be historical sites, cave adventures and waterfalls, visits to National Parks, or participation in running events …