A gift for your parents.

    When I talking to people about the opportunity to travel to Ethiopia, I have often faced the phrase: “I am too old, I won’t be able to, it will be too hot …”

   But, it’s definitely not so! If you are a sufficiently experienced traveler and the spirit of the traveler has not gone away yet from your heart, it is never too late to travel to Ethiopia. 

   “That sounds too expensive, I can’t travel on my pension” – I hear you say. Today tours to Ethiopia are competitively priced. There are loads of budget-friendly tours that cater to all travel styles and tastes, even pensioners or senior travel. Travelling on a pensioner’s shoestring is not just possible, but it even happens every day. 

  The trick is to know your budget and to balance this with your own, personal travel wish-list. You can cut your costs by taking advantage of  a group tour for seniors and in the process bring along some friends, or meet some new like-minded travel companions. 

    Contrary to popular belief, the time is on your side! Most younger travellers have time constraints. Modern life is dictated by work schedules and commitments. Holidays are short and it is not always easy to get away for extended periods. Add to this family life, children, pets, school holidays and kids activities and well… the time flies so fast.
Being retired (or semi-retired), however, frees you up to take advantage of longer travel getaways. Plan your trip when and where you like for as long as you want. A longer 14 to 21-day safari holiday is perfect for a senior citizen looking to explore the world. 

   Adventures in Ethiopia can tailor a trip for you and your partner or small group of friends to suit you. From the very beginning of your trip, we will deliver as much assistance as needed. Like meet-and-greets at Bole International Airport … As well as we will help you to informed your family on a regular basis as to your whereabouts and well being. When we have requests for senior safaris, we like to design trips to meet our guest’s specifications and individual requirements. For example – if you have difficulty walking or have an aversion for long road trips, need frequent comfort stops or have dietary restrictions, we’ll accommodate your needs.

   Planning a trip to Ethiopia requires a basic understanding of the country’s tricky climate in order to make enought comfortable of your time there. The first rule of Ethiopian weather is that it varies greatly according to elevation. Based on your wishes Adventures in Ethiopia helps you to choose the best time for traveling.

   We offer small group trips to the tourist favorite places by a minibus. The daily trips are not too long and also to sights not have to go far by foot.

 Think about – maybe your parents have always dreamed of getting to Africa and you can help them fulfill this dream!

                         Give them a gift – a trip to Ethiopia!

Gondar-Fasilidas-castle-eperor-.Camelotof Africa- Ethiopia-senior-traveling-tours-minivan-carrent-adventuresinethiopiajpgGondar-Fasilidas-castle-eperor-.Camelotof Africa- Ethiopia-senior-traveling-tours-minivan-carrent-adventuresinethiopiajpg
Fasilides' Castle
Fasilides' Bath
in Gondar
The famous place to celebrate Timkat – the Epiphany for the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.
Bebre Birhan Selassie Church
Portuguese Bridge
Debre Libanos
The Blue Nile gorge and bridges
Bahirdar-boat trip-Blue Nile-waterfall-Tana-lake-traveling-seniors-gudget-backpacker-Africa-country-adventuresinethiopiaBahirdar-boat trip-Blue Nile-waterfall-Tana-lake-traveling-seniors-gudget-backpacker-Africa-country-adventuresinethiopia
Boat trip
Blue Nile
bahir Dar-Tana-lake-icelands-churces-boat trip-hipos-travelind-explore-Africa-country-adventuresinethiopiabahir Dar-Tana-lake-icelands-churces-boat trip-hipos-travelind-explore-Africa-country-adventuresinethiopia
Islands in Lake Tana
Blue Nile falls
Ethiopia-Blu-Nile-waterfall-bridge-rope-traveling-senior-pension-tours-bycar-byjeep-car rent-Itinerarys-adventuresinethiopiaEthiopia-Blu-Nile-waterfall-bridge-rope-traveling-senior-pension-tours-bycar-byjeep-car rent-Itinerarys-adventuresinethiopia
A rop bridge
Simien mountain National Park
Galeda Baboon
Simien Mountains
Ethiopia-Danakil-Dallol-depression-salt-canyon-Africa-traveling-senior-tours-car-rent-HenokAfework- adventuresinethiopiaEthiopia-Danakil-Dallol-depression-salt-canyon-Africa-traveling-senior-tours-car-rent-HenokAfework- adventuresinethiopia
The salt canyon
The volcano is one of the lowest volcanic vents in the world, but it is Dallol’s hot springs that make the region so visually striking.
Camel caravans
Danakil depression
Allalobed geysers

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  1. My granddaughter will go to Ethiopia in December. She is only 11, but already wants to travel around Africa.

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